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I am a fashion designer equestrian who loves to play tennis, and is also a mom to a son who is a sport fiend. My family is always on the golf course, football field, tennis court, horse shows, or walking the dogs. Since I am outdoors most of the week, I started wearing sun shirts and have never felt very cute, not to mentioned sweated like crazy in the hot sun in them. 

So, being a fashion designer, I had to design a few new styles that perform better and are much cuter- I think, & hopefully you will too!

I started with wanting more versatility to wear on the courts, in the ring, on the golf course, working out in the gym, hiking, running errands, and even to have a glass of wine with friends after while reflecting on the highlights of the day.

Next, I wanted different levels of performance. Sometimes I am having an intense training session in the ring in the hot Florida sun and need more ventilation to help manage sweat & thermoregulate body heat, and sometimes I am playing tennis in September in Ohio and I need less thermoregulation of body heat.

Tried & Tested for life and sport.

These tops have gone with me anywhere I am competing or traveling. I am always chasing the beautiful 70° temperature for ideal quality of life and optimal athletic performance whenever we can- to Florida, North Carolina, and back to Ohio & the Northeast in the Summer.

We make stylish performance athletic clothing for you.

All of our current styles from our 2019-2020 collection are sewn by Master Sewers in the USA of cool touch wicking jersey with the softest cool mesh panels.

Both design studio and sewing atelier are female owned businesses.

We want you to know that we are committed to quality, innovation, performance and style just as you are committed to your sport & passionate about life & family. 

Please reach out and let us know your passions, values and feedback so we can give you the best- because we at 70° have a strong competitive streak also and want to perform for your needs!

We look forward to starting a conversation with you because you inspire us!







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