The " Out-of-Africa" Shirt


Photo credit: Equus Journeys

Picture chic Meryl Streep in her head-to-toe British Khaki and rich Saddle Brown riding boots (with lion whip to match) mounted on her horse as she surveyed her fields of coffee......

This is the vision that inspired us for this piece, but we have modernized the fabric and details.

Photo Credit: FilmArt Gallery


This is THE replacement to your all around perfect shirt.

Why you ask?

1. The Safari Tan color is perfect with navy, brown, denim, black, color, or printed leggings,  breeches, or jeans. This classic color always looks chic, and will hide any smudges from your pup or horse. Just add brown leather accessories and a small touch of gold (subtly seen inside the button rim).

2. The sleeve rolls up and down and secure with a button tab to protect your arms from the sun.

3. Quick dry, light weight stretch fabric is perfect for travel and does not ever need to be ironed.

4. Stains never stay. They will wash out with ease.

5. Tuck-it-in or tunic length, this shirt is the perfect length to do both.

6. Mesh arm and open back vents keep the air flowing through the light sun protective fabric as the breezes blow.

7. This fit can be worn slim or oversized. Go slim if you tuck it to ride, or oversized if you belt it over a bathing suit and head to the marina for a day on the boat, or a day at the beach.





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