Our Point of View

As we go on this journey of developing products for our unique lifestyles, we are committed to delivering bigger and better things with a small footprint. 

What a small footprint means to us:

  • We will develop fewer, more thoughtfully designed items in small runs so our mistakes don't become landfill.
  • We design and manufacture as local as possible. 
  • Our garments will cost a little more because of fantastic details to make you function at your optimal level, and we are using reputable factories that pay good living wages to their workers.

Our love of outdoor sports in Mother Nature should carry over to how we manufacture and dispose of our apparel. Disposable apparel has become a problem 70degrees.life is very concerned about. Let’s all think about how quickly we dispose of what we buy. Let’s think about how we spend our money. How will clothing add value to our lives? Is another poor quality shirt clogging up drawer space (and ultimately a land fill) the best choice? Would we rather choose to purchase something that gives us benefits and will last with superior quality? We believe definitively- yes!

About design and manufacturing of our 70° Performance Wicking Shirts:

Our performance shirts are hand sewn by Master Sewers in the USA of cool touch wicking jersey with the softest mesh panels. Both design studio and sewing atelier are female owned. We have a special focus and understanding of women unlike the big guys who in the early days started as men's brands, run by men.

All of our styles are designed through the collaboration of female athletes + fashion designers for optimal detail, quality and style scrutiny. You will see some of our classic styles evolve as we receive feedback from you. We will make adjustments to our designs based on feedback, so please reach out to us, review, and share ideas.

Please join our Brand Ambassador program now! We want you to be involved in our feedback chain. Just sign up under "Brand Ambassador" on our website www.70degrees.life and write " Brand Ambassador" in the message box so we will know to contact you.




October 02, 2019 — Alisa Durando

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