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About Us

Our mission at 70°:

To design performance apparel and gear with innovative style, fabric, and details for sun protection and body thermoregulation. Our thermoregulating fabrics will make you feel the optimal muscle performance temperature of 70°.

One word- "Versatility".

Our design process begins with a focus on versatility- the ability to wear on the courts, in the riding ring, the golf course, working out in the gym, hiking, running errands, and even to be able to have a glass of wine with friends.

Our fabrics stay fresh- easily brushing off dirt and animal hair, will not hold sweat smell so you can train then continue your day.

Why 70°?

70° is THE best temperature for optimal athletic performance for a woman's body.

Levels of performance:

70° targets 3 different levels of performance for ventilation of body heat with mesh insets strategically placed in body sweat zones. 

70° apparel is about thermoregulating body temperature, wicking sweat, UV protection, and style. Our fabrics wash clean from dirt, animal hair, and sweat smell.

Tried & tested for life and sport.

Tennis pros, runners, avid equestrians, dog loving hikers, and yogis test our tops throughout the design process. Their feedback is integral to all of our designs- from fabric choice, to location of mesh vent insets, fit and details.


About the product:

All of our current styles from our 2020 Preview Collection are sewn by Master Sewers in the USA of cool touch wicking jersey with the softest cool mesh panels.

Both design studio and sewing atelier are female owned businesses.

We want to know what you need!

If you have a passion for outdoor sports and are interested in being involved in our brand, please go to 70° Brand Ambassador in the heading of this page and send us your info so we can get in touch.

(Please add "Brand Ambassador" in the message box when sending your info.)

Let us know your passions, values and feedback so we can give you the best- because we at 70°, have a strong competitive streak and want to perform for your needs!

We look forward to starting a conversation with you because your life inspires us!