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What defines our UPF 50+ Sun Protective Fabric?      

Performance wicking nylons + poly with "quick-dry" performance from sweat, no sweat-stink, repels animal hair, and of course, offers protection from the sun equivalent to using a SPF 50 sunblock.

What defines a Performance Fabric?

We look for fabrics that perform during the wash + wear process. Wash our fabrics with cold water to easily release dirt. "Quick-drying" when wearing + washing with the recommendation to air dry flat. Avoid heat in the wash and drying process to extend the life of your garment.

What defines  70° Life + Style?

Wear them for all 4 seasons. These styles are great to layer under jackets and sweaters for cooler weather to offer wicking of sweat which keeps you drier and avoids sweat chill after exertion. We engineer mesh insets to the location of the body's sweat zones for heat and moisture ventilation.

Most importantly, we design unique and special details into our performance shirts to suit your style, for all activities with your animals, families and friends.

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